Grand Axe Music in association with Bulldogs Radio are  committed to helping unsigned/indie artists in promoting their music.
Bulldogs Radio is an independent streaming station, based in Luxembourg and has presenters from all over the world.

Grand Axe Music has a substantial network of radio stations, promoters and producers that it works with.

We WANT to get your music heard !

Note : "Free The Iceberg"  and Bulldogs Radio format is predominately rock music.
We will consider other genres such as funk, EDM, Hip Hop etc. on their merit and
forward it to our partner shows and stations.

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This is where you can submit your music to us for the "From The Iceberg" show.

Simply complete the form below and we will get you on the launch pad ready to go into the "From The Iceberg" Show!
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While we will make every effort to add your song on to the "From The Iceberg" show playlist, we cannot gaurantee it.

Terms & Conditions 

Note: This section is not the license but an outline of the license in a more simple and easy way to read.

  1. You own all rights the song you are submitting, if the song is a remix or contains any other artists content, you have gained permission to use some of this content and are able to provide this if requested.
  2. You are giving us permission to playlist and broadcast your song on the "From The Iceberg" show and Bulldogs Radio.
  3. You are letting us give permission to other content creators to use the following song  so that our partner content creators can post these on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  4. Should you release the song with a label you, will notify us of this, or the content will be takendown/removed along with and email sent out informing you of what has happened.
  5. Any companies software or applications we use to look after the submissions may have access to the information you are providing us.
  6. If your recording metadata contains your ISRC code, then all conditions of the ISRC code apply.
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